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Trailer: Eurozooland's Liquid Dome, 1.41min, 2015


Translantics is a six part web-series produced by SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt and ZDF in cooperation with ARTE Creative in 2015.


Translantics illuminates the disunity of a generation that moves between the analog past and the modern aestheticism. Three young women miss a coherent identity in the midst of virtuality, internationality and simultaneity.

Rela­tion­ships unfold before mall display windows; in train dining cars; throughout the lush coun­try­side of provin­cial home­towns; in run-down galleries loaded with artworks imported from New York; beneath Frank­furt's mono­lithic corpo­rate archi­tec­ture; and across the streets of a glowing, frantic, decrepit Berlin: the nerve center of the transna­tional culture class that never­the­less remains perpet­u­ally periph­eral, the histor­ical land­mark that has clum­sily erased its own past with attempts at the future. Product, lifestyle, Pots­damer Platz. Every throw­back is a throw-forward. 

The film series is a mini-drama full of dispersed selves – a condition to which anyone with a Skype account or more than one simcard can no doubt relate. And yet even as technology has topologically collapsed timezones into a common dreamspace – the setting, essentially, of this show – our physical bodies and currencies and mother tongues are creating a kind of productive drag, which the show's characters, like its actors, like us, must continuously and collectively negotiate.


Directed by: Britta Thie & Julia H. Burlingham | Produced by Stella Heith Keir | Soundtrack by Ville Haimala | Filmed by Kevin Klein | Edited by Andi Pek | Artdirection by Julia H. Burlingham | VFX & Colorgrade by Tal Peled

Starring: Britta Thie | Julia Zange | Annika Kuhlmann | Ella Plevin | Shaun Motsi | Preston Chaunsumlit | Lily McMenamy | Billy Rennekamp | Dan Bodan | Clemens Jahn | Christopher Kulendran Thomas | Mykki Blanco & many more

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Exhibition view WELT AM DRAHT, Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin, 2016

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