In The Long Run

Exhibition view WELT AM DRAHT, Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin,

2016 © Simon Vogel


"Interfaces become our weather."



"Sometimes I look at photos of myself too much. Photos of when I was young."



"If something turns into hype that once saved you, it feels like you are back on the Titanic again.

But Jack Dawson has already left you."



"I googled my mom and was relieved that she is still safe."



"It's all good in italics. "





Six inkjetprints on polyester, mesh and satin | Exhibition view WELT AM DRAHT, Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin, 2016

all rights reserved © britta thie 2016-2021

Installation View at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden | Photo © Moritz Bernoully

Exhibition view WELT AM DRAHT, Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin, 2016

© Simon Vogel